Upgrading OpenAppStack

From versions earlier than 0.3.0

Upgrading from versions earlier than 0.3.0 requires manual intervention.

  • Move your local settings.yml file to a different location:

    mkdir -p ./group_vars/all/
    mv settings.yml ./group_vars/all/
  • Flux is now used to install and update applications. For that reason, we need you to remove all helm charts (WARNING: You will lose your data!):

    helm delete --purge oas-test-cert-manager oas-test-local-storage \
        oas-test-prometheus oas-test-proxy oas-test-files`
    • After removing all helm charts, you probably also want to remove all the pvcs that are left behind. Flux will not re-use the database PVCs created for these applications. Find all the pvcs by running kubectl get pvc --namespace oas-apps and kubectl get pvc --namespace oas


If you encounter problems when you upgrade your cluster, please make sure first to include all potential new values of ansible/group_vars/all/settings.yml.example to your clusters/YOUR_CLUSTERNAME/group_vars/all/settings.yml, and rerun the installation script.