Reference documentation

File structure

During the installation process, the following files and directories are created:

  • /var/lib/OpenAppStack/local-storage: all application data (e.g., Nextcloud files) are stored here.

  • /var/lib/OpenAppStack/rke: this contains some important files:

    • cluster.yml is a configuration file describing the Kubernetes cluster; this is used by rke to install all Kubernetes components;
    • kube_config_cluster.yml contains credentials giving administrator access to the Kubernetes cluster using kubectl.

    These two files are also copied to your local machine, inside the cluster_data directory, during installation.

  • /var/lib/OpenAppStack/ssh: some ssh configuration is stored here, including an ssh key that is used by rke during cluster installation and upgrades. This ssh connection is from the VPS to itself, and the ssh key does not leave the VPS.

  • /var/lib/OpenAppStack/source: here local copies are stored of various git repositories that are required during installation.